Learn the secrets of historical lettering with this hands-on workshop on Art Deco typography. Popular in the roaring 20s and 30s, this style embodies the glamour, luxury, and exuberance of the Great Gatsby Era.


This three-hour class will cover the foundations of lettering and briskly segue into dramatic uppercase letterforms, unexpected ligatures, geometric scripts, and ornamentation.

You'll leave the workshop with:

  • A lettering piece that is both fresh and on-trend (while still being rooted in history) and ready for its Instagram closeup.
  • A general knowledge of this glitzy time in design history as well as a list of resources to continue learning about Art Deco typography and design.
  • All the skills you need to infuse the rest of your work with some Jazz-Age glamour. 

Experience Level: beginner to intermediate

If you have very little to no experience with lettering, I recommend you take my Introduction to Hand Lettering workshop instead or in addition to this workshop. I usually offer them back-to-back with a lunch break in-between or on consecutive days. If you sign up for both, make sure you use the promo code DOUBLEFEATURE at checkout for a discount!

All materials are included; scroll down to learn more. For information about buying the materials without attending a workshop, click here.

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New Orleans ∙ 3 March 2017
Kansas City ∙ Coming Soon
Chicago ∙ 5 May 2017

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All materials are included in ticket price. In addition to the workbook and sketchbook detailed below, you'll be given a mechanical pencil, eraser, Sharpie, and maybe some other goodies. All you need to bring is yourself!


THE 2nd edition WORKBOOK

By signing up to the workshop, you'll get a limited-edition workbook I designed and wrote for the occasion. The workbook is a 20-page booklet/zine that opens with an essay giving you some historical context and features three hand-lettered, Art Deco alphabets as well as lettering instructions and tips. The second edition includes sections on patterns and ornaments. 

Printed in 2 color Risograph on natural white Cougar paper by Perfectly Acceptable in Chicago, IL. 


In addition to the workbook, you'll also receive a matching Art Deco sketchbook I designed inside and out. It has 52 pages with a subtle, fine dot-grid pattern (which I find to be the perfect spacing and darkness for lettering). The pages are the same uncoated, acid-free, natural white paper color as the workbook. The moderately heavy 100gsm weight as well as the generous 7"x10" size make it perfect for sketching. It also features red thread stitched binding. 



🖤 Student work 🖤



I've gotten several requests to purchase these materials without attending a workshop. I have good news, the sketchbooks will be available for purchase shortly right here on my website! Stay tuned.

The first edition of the workbooks was printed in a very small run of 100 pieces, and is already sold out. If you'd like to purchase the second, expanded edition when becomes available, join the waiting list. To add your name, join my email list and you'll be prompted to add your details at the end of the process (on the "success" page).