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Learn the secrets of historical lettering with this hands-on workshop on Art Deco typography. Popular in the roaring 20s and 30s, this style embodies the glamour, luxury and exuberance of the Great Gatsby Era.

This workshop is open to all levels, but ony touches on the basics of lettering and typography very quickly before moving on to the good stuff. if you'd like to brush up on the basics beforehand, check out my online Lettering Basics Mini Course. It's free when you sign up for a workshop!

lettering basics mini course

Are you planning on taking my one of my workshops, but want to brush up on the basics first? If you sign up for any of my in-person workshops, you'll get free, exclusive access to this mini online course covering the very basics of lettering.

Through a short video tutorial and a downloadable worksheet, we'll talk about type anatomy, building letterforms while keeping styles and widths consistent, and putting it all together into a layout.  


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