Art Deco Workbook Order

Originally conceived as a companion to my Art Deco Lettering Workshops, the first edition of this workbook and sketchbook set is now available for sale in very limited quantities (50 at the time of writing). 

Make sure you read all the information on this page before placing your order.

The Workbook

The workbook is a small, 20-page booklet/zine that opens with an essay giving you some historical context on the Art Deco movement and features three hand-lettered, Art Deco alphabets as well as lettering instructions and tips. 

It's printed in 2 color Risograph on natural white Cougar paper by Perfectly Acceptable in Chicago, IL. 


In addition to the workbook, you'll also get a matching Art Deco sketchbook I designed inside and out. It has 52 pages with a subtle, fine dot-grid pattern. The pages are the same acid-free, natural white paper color as the workbook and the heavy 100gsm weight as well as the large 7"x10" size makes it perfect for sketching. It features a stitched binding in red thread. The sketchbook is printed in China.

This is a first edition

The fact that this is a first edition is both good and bad: the quantities are very limited, and once it's gone, I won't be reprinting this workbook as-is. I'm currently thinking of creating a second, expanded edition which will include more Art Deco goodies, but will no longer have the opening section on type anatomy and modular typography. That second edition will be available to everyone who takes my Art Deco Lettering workshops. I'll be announcing upcoming dates on my email list and on this page, but Chicago, Kansas City, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver are all in various stages of planning for 2018.

Note: by purchasing this workbook/sketchbook set you agree to all the information on this page and in the FAQ section below. Materials are sold as-is and all sales are final. 


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It's already sold out, what do I do?
Stay subscribed to my email list and keep an eye out on social media for upcoming workshop dates. Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, you're all on my list for 2018, so sit tight! Eventually, the second edition will be available for purchase too, but probably not until mid/late 2018. If you want to be one of the first to put your name on the 2nd edition waiting list, click here.

Do you offer tracking for orders within the United States?
Yes. I offer two shipping options for orders within the United States. One includes tracking ($6.65) and the other does not ($3.48). Please note that I can't offer refunds for lost orders if they were shipped without tracking.  

Do you ship internationally?
I can ship internationally for $13.50 without tracking. If you would like to talk about shipping alternatives that include tracking, place your order and email me. We'll talk about options and discuss the additional cost to pay. Though be advised that FedEx, UPS, and DHL all get quite expensive ($50~90).

When will my order be shipped?
Regardless of how many workbooks I sell, I'm closing the order window on December 13. I will ship all the workbooks no later than December 14.    

Why is the ink on the workbook faded, distressed, or out of register?
Because the workbook is printed with a Risgraph, small imperfections are an inevitable part of the process. I love them, since it's what makes Riso printing (and each workbook) unique.

Why can't I buy the workbook without the sketchbook?
No. The workbook on its own is a flimsy little thing and needs the sketchbook to give it heft, and they look sharp together. You can, however, purchase the sketchbook on its own—since I have more of them.

Can I still take your workshop if I've already purchased the workbook?
Of course! If you take my Art Deco Lettering workshop starting in 2018, you'll get the expanded second edition of this workbook, which will include new sections on patterns, layouts, and ornaments. You'll also get an extra surprise waiting for you at the workshop (just make sure you email me first to let me know you're coming). 

Can I cancel my order?
You can definitely cancel your order if you do so before I ship it out to you (you'll receive a full refund, including shipping). Once I ship your order, all sales are final. 

What's your policy on returns?
All sales are final. Because I'm just a one person operation, I don't really have the setup to handle returns or exchanges. So sorry! Email me at if you have a special case. 

I never received my order!
I'm sorry to hear that. Email me at and we'll talk about next steps. Please note that any refund will not include shipping and that I can't offer refunds for orders shipped without tracking within the United States (this includes the free shipping promotion).