odds & ends

from milk cartons to bread stencils and everything in between

in order of appearance 

Hand-lettered, Icelandic milk carton designed for Dana Tanamachi  ∙  L, designed for the Chainletter Project and inspired by Japanese indigo textiles   ∙  Bread stencil  ∙  Detail of a cover for a book on Esperanto  ∙  Punny holiday card ∙  This Shit Ends Now  ∙  Rejected cover for a novel on cannibalism designed while at Mucca  ∙  Art Nouveau-inspired wedding invitation∙  Top Tails Illustration ∙  Label designs for Manfood  ∙  Another bread stencil  ∙ Label design for a Japanese moisturizer, created for Dana Tanamachi ∙  Logo and shirt design for the East Coast Taiko Convention ∙  Kings County Jerky cigar box-inspired package, for Dana Tanamachi ∙   Pratt modular poster series