Virtuoso Life

The Hotel Issue

CLIENT: virtuoso life magazine
Role: Design, Lettering, Illustration, photography
Art Direction: KORENA Sinnett 

Ever since I was little, I've been fascinated by the lobbies and foyers of grand hotels. From the Principe di Savoia in Milan to the Plaza in New York City, these luxurious entrances are generally adorned with elegant mosaics that beguile the passerby with their elegance and grandeur. Even today, in the age of shoe selfies on instagram, they harken back to an era of top-hats and dinner jackets; a time when everything from a bottle of cough syrup to a cigarette case was covered in ornament. This feeling of wonder and old-world elegance is what I wanted to convey for this cover

This project was awarded

Silver Award, NATJA Travel Media Awards Competition. 2018
Merit award, Society of Publication Designers. 2019